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What about the e-waste recycling program?

Behind the rapid economic development is the multiplication of electronic waste, so how to deal with this electronic waste has also become a top priority. From computers, mobile phones, televisions to electronic toys and other electronic products, circuit boards are an important part of these electronic products. As a breeding product of the rapid development of the information industry, e-waste, represented by computers, mobile phones and TV sets, has attracted more and more attention to the impact on the environment and social development.

Production Process

There are many ways to separate and recycle e-waste, among which the mechanical method has less impact on the environment and less pollution. The circuit board processing equipment uses three-stage pulverization to pulverize the circuit board into a powder state of 18 mesh size, and then uses airflow and high-voltage electrostatic sorting to separate the metal and resin powders to control the loss of non-ferrous metals. The circuit board processing equipment uses three-stage crushing to make the processing capacity reach its peak. The whole set of equipment pulse dust collector, cyclone dust removal + electrostatic dust removal + purification dust removal three-in-one, prevent exhaust gas emission and cause little air pollution. The use of high-voltage electrostatic separators makes sorting more efficient and improves the sorting rate of non-ferrous metals.

Nowadays, there are more and more electronic waste. If it is not handled in time, the accumulated electronic waste will cause serious pollution to the environment and soil. Therefore, the mechanical treatment method is a good choice for people now. Circuit board processing equipment has been proved by a lot of practice. ;The equipment has the advantages of low consumption and environmental friendliness, and can realize the physical separation of metal and non-metal in the shredded waste circuit boards. It is a better equipment for the harmless treatment and resource utilization of waste circuit boards at present.

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