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How to recycle scrap circuit boards?

Every day, billions of circuit boards leave the factory in PCB circuit board factories all over the world. And in every day life, there are tens of millions of tons of waste PCB circuit boards scrapped and piled up. Once the circuit boards are discarded and piled up, it will cause great harm to our ecological environment and human health. No matter which circuit board will produce organic pollution.

Production Process

From a professional point of view, waste printed PCB circuit boards are a mixture of glass fiber reinforced resin and various metals, which is a typical electronic waste. It contains a large number of teratogenic, mutagenic and carcinogenic substances such as cadmium and brominated flame retardants, which will cause serious harm to the environment and human health. The current methods of recycling waste circuit boards generally use methods such as direct burial, incineration, water washing, and cracking. These methods will release toxic substances and cause serious pollution of the air or soil environment. The national environmental protection policy is not allowed .

Internationally, the best way to recycle waste PCB circuit boards is physical recycling. The most notable advantages of this method are low environmental pollution, high comprehensive utilization rate, and high added value. It is inevitable for future electronic waste treatment. Development trend; its disadvantage is that the processing cost is higher than the recycling mode of incineration or washing. Due to the high toughness of waste circuit boards, it is difficult to separate metals and non-metals through primary crushing, and it contains many types of substances, and the separation and decomposition process is complicated. These characteristics determine that the recycling of waste PCBs is difficult.

In electronic waste, although the recycling of PCB circuit boards is difficult, it has a very high economic value. The metal grade in the circuit board is equivalent to dozens to hundreds of times of the metal grade in ordinary minerals. The metal content is as high as 40%, and the most is copper. In addition, there are gold, tin, nickel, lead, silicon and other metals. There is no shortage of rare metals, and the content of rich ore metals in nature is usually only 3-5%.

After completing the metal extraction in the PCB circuit board, the remaining non-metallic waste slag powder can also be used as an important filling material in the polymer composite material. In recent years, the plastic wood that has become popular in the domestic market is to use the PCB circuit board powder Produced; resin-plastic wood produced with PCB circuit board powder can be used in outdoor landscape decoration, in the form of plank roads, outdoor floors, guardrails, exterior wall decorative panels, gazebos, flower boxes, leisure chairs, etc. , parks, squares, tourist attractions, etc. bring beautiful scenery.

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