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How to recycle scrap PCB?

The circuit board is a substrate made of resin and glass fiber materials, and a large number of electronic components are formed on the substrate. It is mainly used in electronic products such as computers and mobile phones, and in a wider range, it involves communications, military, aerospace and other fields. With the continuous development of science and the increasing demand for circuit boards in various fields, the waste circuit boards and scraps produced have increased dramatically. On the one hand, a variety of toxic and harmful substances in waste circuit boards must be recycled; on the other hand, heavy metal elements in waste printed circuit board substrates have extremely high resource recycling value and are potential secondary resources. Therefore, reasonable and effective recycling of waste circuit boards is of great significance to both economy and environmental protection.

Production Process

Waste circuit boards At present, there are three methods for extracting metals from waste circuit boards at home and abroad, namely heat treatment technology, wet treatment technology, and mechanical treatment technology.

1. Heat treatment technology: Heat treatment technology is to incinerate waste circuit boards in a high-temperature furnace to remove inorganic components such as resins, and then use fire and electrolysis to recover precious metals in the ash. The shortcoming of this method is: in the incineration process can produce the smog of a large amount of toxic substances such as dioxin, furan and polychlorinated biphenyl, there is secondary pollution and the harm to human health.

Wet treatment technology: hydrometallurgy technology and heat treatment technology are developed on the basis of metal mineral smelting. Compared with heat treatment technology, hydrometallurgy technology needs to consume a lot of chemical reagents for metal leaching, although it will not produce a lot of Toxic and harmful gases, less energy consumption, but will produce waste water pollution, causing a lot of waste of water resources.

2. Mechanical treatment technology: Mechanical treatment technology refers to the use of Henan Dongying circuit board recycling equipment to process waste circuit boards, and through dry crushing and physical separation, metal copper, aluminum, iron and other metals, metals, etc. are separated from waste circuit boards. The recovery rate is as high as more than 99%.

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