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Waste circuit board recycling equipment

The recycling and processing equipment for waste circuit boards adopts advanced physical method recycling technology, and the developed equipment such as crusher and high-voltage electrostatic separation are highly innovative, and its resource-based processing route is advanced and reasonable. Waste circuit board recycling equipment can mechanically crush and recycle all kinds of waste circuit boards, computer boards, TV boards, aluminum-plastic boards, attached copper boards, printed circuit boards and processing waste, waste electrical appliances, etc., and its metal recovery rate is high. The recovered metals are up to 99% pure.

Production Process

The hard disk mainly consists of a shell (the main component is aluminum alloy), a circuit board (the gold content is very good), a platter (platinum, palladium, rhodium, gold, silver, cobalt, ruthenium on the hard disk platter), a magnet (the hard disk is valuable things), magnetic heads (with gold and iridium on them), drive motors, and some gold-containing plug-ins and interfaces. The platter of the hard disk is a bright, clean, and delicate disc. It feels like a good thing. The main material of the platter base is aluminum. There are gold, silver, cobalt, ruthenium and other elements in the aluminum base. A layer of platinum, palladium and rhodium is plated. Some European and American hard drives contain relatively high rhodium content. All types of computer circuit boards contain gold, but the amount is different. Relatively speaking, there is more silver. However, some hard disk platters are made of glass, and such glass platters are worthless.

The main board is different from other ordinary circuit boards, its structure is quite complicated, generally 6-8 layers of circuit boards, so the board itself is rich in precious metals such as copper, silver, gold, palladium, etc., due to the complex structure and high power consumption, it is installed High-end heat sinks are generally aluminum or copper, and are also very valuable.

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