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Waste circuit board component dismantling machine

Circuit board dismantling machine, also called circuit board decomposition machine, circuit board burning machine, etc. Since the circuit board is the main body of electronic and electrical products, it is also the core object of recycling and processing of waste electronic and electrical products. The number of circuit boards is decomposed and recycled, and the resource reuse value is high. Through the dismantling of the circuit board dismantling machine, many of the circuit boards can be disassembled. All kinds of components are directly collected by detinning for the next step of processing.


Circuit board dismantling machine is a device used to disassemble electronic components from waste circuit boards, because different components contain different metals, and some components contain gold, silver, palladium and other precious metals; some components such as radiators And other components can be sorted and sold directly; the disassembled mother board can obtain the copper material inside, which greatly improves the reuse rate of precious metals.

The waste circuit board contains a large number of relays, transformers, diodes, capacitors and other electronic components. The circuit board dismantling machine achieves the purpose of thermal melting and de-tinning through the internal heating of the body, and removes the electronic components and solder of the waste circuit board from the circuit board. break apart.

1. After the circuit board is fed into the circuit board disassembler, it first enters the drum with sieve holes through the feeding port;

2. Through the electric heating device, the overall temperature inside the drum is heated to about 150 ℃, so that the tin on the circuit board is loosened and melted;

3. Through the rotation of the drum and the friction and vibration of the materials in the drum, the solder on the circuit board, the electronic components and the circuit board are separated;

4. The separated solder and electronic components slide down to the sorting sieve through the roller, and pass through the screens with different apertures to sort and sieve the electronic components and solder.

5. The circuit board after de-tinning enters the circuit board shredder through the conveyor for crushing.

The tin collected in the process of pyrolysis and tin removal is sold as a product. The waste gas and dust generated during the operation process are treated by spraying + activated carbon adsorption and then discharged from the 16-meter-high exhaust pipe.

03. Equipment Features

The circuit board dismantling equipment (burning machine) realizes the functions of automatic feeding, automatic disassembly, and automatic output. After the equipment is disassembled, the electronic components of the circuit board have a low damage rate and can be recycled.

1. During the operation process of the circuit board dismantling machine, the tin removal and disassembly are completed at one time;

2. The equipment is easy to operate, safe and reliable;

3. The damage of electronic components is small, and the loss of precious metals is small;

4. The operating temperature is automatically controlled by the heating system without manual intervention;

5. The output of the circuit board dismantling machine is large, up to 400-500 kg per hour;

6. The equipment is equipped with dust removal equipment and smoke removal equipment to reduce environmental pollution;

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