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The use of circuit board crushing and recycling equipment

With the rapid development of the electronics industry, effective recycling of circuit boards has become a more important research direction, and there are many reasons for recycling. Some electronic components can be recycled, even if they cannot be recycled, they can be disassembled and recycled non-ferrous and non-metallic materials. Metals in circuit boards include iron, tin, lead, copper, aluminum, nickel, gold, etc., among which copper is relatively high in content.

The decomposed metals can be sent to metal smelters as raw materials, and non-metals can also be used as fiber reinforcements or fillers. So the value of recycling is very high. With the use of electronic products today, proper recycling of electronic products is more important than ever.

Waste circuit boards are a mixture of glass fiber reinforced resin and a variety of metals. They are typical electronic waste. If they are not properly handled and disposed of, they will not only cause a large loss of useful resources, but also contain chromium and brominated flame retardants. Will cause serious harm to the environment and human health.

So for environmental protection and sustainable development of ecological resources. It is also necessary to recycle used circuit boards. The circuit board crushing and recycling equipment produced by our company conforms to this trend and solves this type of problem. Provide convenience for better recycling.

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