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How to recycle waste circuit boards?

At present, the recycling and treatment methods of scrap iron generally adopt methods such as direct burial, incineration, water washing and cracking, but all of them release toxic substances, which are likely to cause serious secondary pollution of the air or soil and other environments, and the national environmental protection policy does not allow this. or limit these processing modes. Internationally, the best way to recycle waste circuit boards is the physical method. The most notable features of this method are the advantages of low environmental pollution, high comprehensive utilization rate, and high added value. It is the development trend of electronic waste treatment in the future; The disadvantage is that the processing cost is slightly higher than the recycling mode of incineration or washing. Due to the high toughness of waste circuit boards, most of which are flat, it is difficult to separate metals and non-metals through one-time crushing, and there are many types of substances contained in it, and the separation and decomposition process is complicated. These characteristics determine the recycling of waste circuit boards. A certain degree of difficulty.

Production Process

In electronic waste, although the recycling of circuit boards is difficult, it has a very high economic value. The metal grade in the circuit board is equivalent to dozens to hundreds of times of the metal grade in ordinary minerals. The metal content is as high as 40%, and the most is copper. In addition, there are gold, tin, nickel, lead, silicon and other metals. There is no shortage of rare metals, and the content of rich ore metals in nature is usually only 3-5%. In addition, non-metallic residues from waste circuit boards can be used as building materials. At the same time, substances such as solder and plastic on waste circuit boards are also important resources that can be recycled.

Therefore, the establishment of more and more circuit board recycling plants provides a final destination for a large number of waste circuit boards, and can better protect the environment and their own health.

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