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Electronic waste recycling equipment

Waste circuit board detection, waste circuit board recycling, and waste circuit board extraction technology are all technologies that benefit the whole body. The source of raw materials that can be provided is endless, and there are many materials that can extract gold from electronic waste, such as Common waste computer motherboards, cpu, memory sticks, sound cards, graphics cards, network cards, used mobile phones, printers, VCDs, DVDs, communication circuit boards, TVs, digital electronic products, refrigerators, washing machines, game consoles, learning machines, MP3, MP4, etc. Many other materials have precious metals such as gold and silver.

One ton of ore can extract several to dozens of grams of gold, while one ton of e-waste can extract about 900 grams of gold, 1500-3000 grams of silver, 60 grams of palladium, 130 kilograms of copper, and some tin and nickel. , etc. Metal. With the upgrading of electronic products, the amount of discarded electronic products has increased year by year, and discarded electronic waste can be seen everywhere. Just contact major waste collection stations, repair shops, and electronic factories. Have a lot of resources at once. It is much cheaper to recover from it than to extract it from the original ore, and the economic benefits are very obvious. In addition, the external materials and internal metal components of many waste electronic products can be reused to generate greater value. Therefore, a lot of e-waste is a small “gold mine”.

PCB-1000 E-waste PCB recycling plant

Therefore, people began to look for ways to deal with waste circuit boards in a green way – physical recycling with a series of equipment, completely pollution-free. This series of equipment is collectively called waste circuit board recycling equipment. It can not only dispose of waste circuit boards, but also bring higher economic benefits – the electrical components and various precious metals on the circuit boards are the value, but how to disassemble the electrical components is a problem, and manual disassembly is time-consuming and laborious , so the circuit board disassembly machine was born, which can disassemble various electrical components on the circuit board, which greatly reduces the labor cost.

As a result, people found a waste circuit board recycling production line, which is composed of a series of machine work: the waste circuit boards enter the circuit board dismantling machine and disassemble the electrical components, and the remaining materials are broken into metal after continuous three-stage crushing. Mixed with resin fiber powder, and then separated copper powder and resin powder by airflow and electrostatic separator. Dust removal treatment is performed before passing through the airflow and electrostatic sorter. These are the principles of waste circuit board recycling equipment. The equipment is mainly suitable for circuit boards, copper clad laminates, circuit boards and other scraps. Now some manufacturers have begun to specialize in recycling waste circuits. For the public, this is a huge business opportunity.

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