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Electronic components circuit board disassembly process

Electronic waste contains a large number of circuit boards, waste circuit boards on many components contain a variety of toxic and hazardous substances and heavy metals, in the waste circuit boards for resource recovery before it is necessary to disassemble these components to separate. On the other hand, some of the components disassembled from used circuit boards also have value, and many companies recycle them.


The current use of circuit board disassembly machine for disassembly, with electronic components of the circuit board in the disassembly process will produce smoke and odor, these fumes not only affect the health of the staff, and serious pollution of the atmosphere, does not meet the requirements of environmental protection.

The purpose of the utility model is to overcome the current circuit board disassembly machine in the disassembly of used circuit boards, generating a lot of smoke and dust and pungent odor, and provide a circuit board disassembly device, the circuit board disassembly device through the plasma purification machine can effectively remove dust, through the UV photolysis air purifier can irradiate malodorous gas, effective cracking malodorous gas, can decompose toxic and harmful substances in malodorous gas, to achieve Deodorization effect, after the decomposition of malodor gas, can achieve harmless emissions, never produce secondary pollution.

The utility model is realized in this way: a circuit board disassembly device, including disassembly mechanism, fan, dryer, plasma purifier and UV photolysis air purifier, the disassembly mechanism includes a rotating shaft and a drum mounted on the rotating shaft, the drum is set with a heating component, the drum wall is evenly set with holes, the drum is set with a fume dust hood above, the fume dust hood is connected to the fan through the pipe, the fan is connected to the dryer through the pipe. The fan is connected to the dryer through a pipe, and the dryer is connected to the plasma purifier, and the plasma purifier is connected to the UV photolysis air purifier.

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