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Double shafts shredder

To crush Large-scale hollow material(Plastic bucket) and all kinds of waste, especially those waste containing metal scrap, or crush the waste contain the silt that easily damage the cutter.

Double shafts shredder Features:

1.The host machine using high quality steel welding. And make sure the stability of the machine in the long heavy-duty working.

2.Bearing block using patented split and detachable type, and can quickly strike fixed cutter and mobile cutter and other parts. Easy to maintain and replace tool.

3.The mobilecutter material is using a dedicated special alloy tool steel forging, precisionprocessing,many times heat treatment and cryogenic processing can be repeated repair using.Fixed cutter usingpatented hook installation, optimization tool change function.

4. Cutter shaft using high strength special steel processing overloaded refined, to provide a strong impetus for the cutting tool.

Double shafts shredder Main Technical Parameter:

Model Power(KW) Capacity(kg/h)   Cutter Feeding port size(mm) Reducer
DSJ-600 7.5-11 500-800 22 800×600 350
DSJ-800 11×2 600-1000 30 1000×800 350
DSJ-1000 22×2 1000-1500 30 1000×1500 500
DSJ-1200 22×2 1500-2000 36 1500×1800 650

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