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Detailed introduction of dismantling equipment in circuit board crushing recycling equipment

Dismantling equipment in circuit board crushing and recycling equipment 1. Using the process of combining manual auxiliary disassembly and mechanical crushing and separation, it has good resource separation effect, high equipment processing efficiency, low equipment price, low processing power consumption, good environmental protection performance, etc. The characteristics are more suitable for China’s national conditions at this stage. 2. The environmental protection measures are perfect, no waste water is produced, and the exhaust gas can reach the national standard after treatment; the operating noise is lower than the national standard, and there is no dust generation, and the operating conditions are good. 3. The equipment has good performance to ensure stable operation of the equipment.

Circuit board crushing and recycling equipment The crushing and sorting technology adopts dry separation technologies such as crushing, screening, air classification, magnetic separation, and electric separation as the way out to solve the problem of recycling of waste circuit boards at present and in the future. The method of first crushing the waste circuit board into fine particles, and then realizing the separation according to the difference of the physical properties of each component, generally including crushing, grinding, sorting and other processing techniques. After removing the components and solder, use a shearing crusher and a grinder with shearing and impact functions to pulverize the waste board into powder less than 1mm. After two-stage separation, gravity separation and electrostatic separation, copper powder with a copper content of about 82% can be obtained, of which more than 94% of the copper is recovered. The size of the mixed powder of resin and glass fiber is mainly between 100~300μm, which can be used as an additive for polymer products such as paints, coatings and building materials.

Advantages of the production line of waste circuit board crushing and recycling equipment:

(1) Integral frame, forged with wear-resistant plate, can resist high torque

(2) Design an overload protection system to protect the blade and cutter shaft

(3) GEP professional intelligent dust reduction system, energy saving and environmental protection

(4) Imported reducer and bearings, high transmission efficiency and large output torque

(5) Design shock absorber, stable operation and low noise

(6) Intelligent terminal control, high degree of automation and easy operation

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