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Circuit board recycling equipment facilitates e-waste recycling

The upgrading of electronic equipment is very fast, and the failure rate is also very high. Once electronic equipment is replaced or obsolete, they become useless “waste”. Some people may not know that the taste of metal materials in circuit boards is far higher than that of ordinary minerals. Metal materials account for 40%, and most of them are copper. In addition, there are also gold, Aluminum, nickel, lead, silicon metal materials, etc., and the metal material composition of silver mines in my country is also 3 to 5%. Do people who call waste circuit boards waste still call it waste?

Circuit board recycling machines and equipment are the key to solving all kinds of waste pcb circuit boards, circuit boards, polyimide films, leftovers, aluminum shaving boards, waste pills, electronic components, etc.; circuit board recycling machines and equipment can not only screen Extracting metal materials from various metal material wastes, for the difficult problem in the recycling of solid wastes – the acquisition of waste printed circuit boards, the composition steps of crushing – magnetic separation equipment – electrostatic induction screening are also used to separate the metal materials. Materials are acquired from discarded circuit boards.

The key to the production line of circuit board recycling solution is composed of belt conveyor, primary crusher equipment, secondary crusher equipment, magnetic separation equipment, crusher, sorting equipment and other auxiliary equipment. After the waste circuit boards are manually disassembled, the hazardous household electrical components such as rechargeable batteries, transformers, etc. and reusable parts are disassembled, and the remaining parts are quickly sent to the primary crusher equipment to crush the raw materials to below 20mm. , and then sent to the secondary crusher equipment to crush the raw materials to below 5mm, the iron raw materials are separated by the magnetic separation equipment, and the remaining raw materials are crushed by the crusher to powder within 2mm before the double-layer machine plate can be placed in the The copper is separated, the light dust is first separated by the wind separator, and the raw materials with a large proportion are sent to the electrostatic separator to separate the rare metals (copper, etc.) of about 20% for purchase.

Circuit board recycling equipment is the natural enemy of electronic waste. Its occurrence not only improves the quality of copper purchases, but also avoids secondary pollution of the natural environment. It is an ideal production line for recycling and separating waste circuit boards at this stage. .

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