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Waste circuit boards have high recycling value

Billions of waste circuit boards are thrown away every day around the world. The main reason for this phenomenon is that in today’s society, a large number of circuit boards are widely used and frequently updated.

As a result, a large number of waste circuit boards are generated, and the random accumulation of these waste circuit boards not only brings huge pollution to the surrounding environment, but also causes great harm to people’s life and physical and mental health.

Production Process

According to the “2020 Global E-waste Monitoring Report” released by the United Nations, by 2019, the total global e-waste is about 5,360 tons, but only 17.4% of the many e-wastes are recycled. Scientists predict that by 2030, the total global e-waste will reach 7,400 tons.

Moreover, the waste circuit boards in e-waste are not actually “waste”, 90% of which are recyclable and have high recycling value.

Waste circuit boards

Generally, waste circuit boards can be divided into two categories for recycling.

For the type with electronic components, the electronic components on the circuit board are first disassembled by the disassembly machine, and then the electronic components and the motherboard on the disassembler are further processed.

The type without electronic components can be directly crushed and recycled, and the resin, fiber, gold, silver, copper, etc. contained in it can be separated to obtain high-quality metals, which can be recycled and sold, thereby making a profit.

Here, the editor wants to remind everyone that the recycling and processing of waste circuit boards requires qualifications. If you process them privately, it is illegal.

So how can we obtain the recycling qualification of waste circuit boards?

According to the relevant requirements of the “Administrative Measures for the Recycling and Disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Products”, the following provisions are made on the dismantling, crushing and related requirements of waste circuit boards.

To recycle waste circuit boards for dismantling and crushing, it is necessary to submit a production and operation license to the local quality and technical supervision department.

(2) According to Article 24 of the “Regulations on the Administration of the Recycling and Disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Products”, those who recycle waste circuit boards for dismantling and disposal shall submit a written application to the competent department of ecology and environment of the people’s government of the municipality where they are located, and submit the waste electrical and electronic products. Product Handling Qualification Certificate.

In addition to the above qualifications, a written application must be submitted to the local environmental protection bureau to apply for the corresponding environmental impact assessment qualification.

And as consumers, it is best for us to choose a formal recycling channel, which is not only conducive to protecting privacy, but also conducive to better recycling of e-waste.

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