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Waste circuit board resin powder recycling equipment

SUNY GROUP environmental protection circuit board recycling equipment environmental protection recycling method, waste PCB physical treatment technology, waste PCB recycling process process: shredding, coarse crushing, crushing, airflow screening, vibration sorting, environmental protection treatment.

circuit board recycling and processing production line

1. Shredding process: The waste PCB material enters the double-shaft shredder through the belt conveying equipment, and the large-size waste circuit board is processed into a strip-shaped block material with a width of about 20mm to meet the requirements of the rough crushing process in the next step.

2. Coarse crushing process: After the material is processed into strips by the shredder, it is sent to the coarse crushing equipment through the belt conveyor for further processing into granular materials of 10mm and below, and the material is evenly sent to the crusher by the screw feeder. machine for crushing.

3. Crushing process: It is to further refine the granular waste circuit board materials to achieve the goal of metal and non-metal stripping, so as to meet the requirements of the subsequent separation and sorting process;

4. Air separation process: It uses the difference in specific gravity of non-ferrous metal materials and non-metallic materials and the principle of air rotation and centrifugal separation to carry out preliminary separation and sorting of granular materials of different sizes and specific gravity, and separates fine non-metallic materials with light specific gravity from it. It is sorted out and packed into storage, and the metal and non-metal mixture with a larger proportion is further homogenized and concentrated, which lays a good foundation for the next selection process.

5. Vibration separation and sorting process: This process belongs to the selection process, that is, the coarser particles of metal and non-metal mixture obtained in the previous primary selection process are further separated and sorted. The wind blowing up and sucking makes the metal powder continuously separated. The vibration frequency and air volume of this process are adjustable, so the purity of the metal powder can also be adjusted according to the customer’s requirements, and the purification purity is 98%.

6. Environmental protection treatment process: Because the components of the production line of this equipment are basically crushing equipment and separation and sorting equipment, a large amount of dust and waste gas will be generated during the working process. In order to prevent pollution of the production site and the surrounding environment, the production line of this equipment is basically The negative pressure material conveying method of sealed pipeline is adopted in the upper part. Through the effective combination of cyclone separator, pulse dust collector and fan, the dust and waste gas are collected in an orderly manner, and the dust removal and waste gas purification treatment are carried out in a unified manner.

SUNY GROUP environmental protection circuit board recycling equipment environmental protection recycling method waste PCB, metal recovery rate: 93% to 98%. Average metal content of non-metallic powder: ≤2%~5%

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