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How to deal with e-waste?

The methods of treating and disposing of waste electronic waste mainly include chemical treatment method, fire method, mechanical treatment method, electrochemical method or a combination of several methods. 2. Chemical treatment: The chemical treatment of electronic waste is also called wet treatment. The crushed electronic waste particles are put into an acidic or alkaline liquid, and the leachate is then extracted, precipitated, replaced, ion exchanged, filtered and distilled. A series of processes and so on finally get high-grade metal. 3. Fire treatment: It is a method of incinerating, smelting, sintering, melting, etc. of electronic waste to remove plastics and other organic components enriched in metals. Fire processing can also cause serious harm to the environment.

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From the perspective of resource recovery and ecological environmental protection, these methods are difficult to promote. 4. Mechanical treatment: The mechanical treatment of electronic waste is a method of sorting by using the differences in the physical properties of each component, including disassembly, crushing, sorting and other steps. The sorted and processed substances can be obtained separately after subsequent processing. Metal, plastic, glass and other recycled raw materials.

This treatment method has the advantages of low cost, simple operation, not easy to cause secondary pollution, and easy to achieve large-scale.

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