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Electrostatic separator

Electrostatic separator Uses:For separation of metal and nonmetal

Electrostatic separator Process description:

Adopts high voltage electrostatic processing principle ,separating the metal and non-metal materials according to their different conductivity . Our company developed the energy efficient and environmentally friendly electrostatic separator together with the China association of static electricity, on the basis of various separation technology at home and abroad. We get the best separation effect through years of practice, the separation efficiency is as high as above 99.9% , impurity rate is less than 1% , and no secondary pollution .
This machine can be used for all kinds of metal , plastic and other non-metal material separation , such as the waste printed circuit boards, cable, aluminum, plastic and other scrap materials.

Electrostatic separator Features:

1.High precision separation .
2.Easy to operate, simple to maintain .
3.Cover small area and easy to move.

Electrostatic separator Parameter:

Model Overalldimensions(mm) Mainmotor(kw) vibrationmotor(kw) electrostaticgenerator(kw) Productivity(kg/h)
ES-500 2000×1400×1700 4 0.25 2.0-3.5 300-500

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