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Circuit board separation equipment realizes recycling and reuse of metal resources

Competition in the home appliance market is becoming increasingly fierce, and the subsequent elimination rate of used circuit boards is getting higher and higher. The pollution of electronic and electrical PCB circuit board garbage is becoming more and more serious. Circuit board metal separation and recycling equipment can transform these seemingly “junk” waste circuit boards into “precious wealth” and realize the recycling and reuse of electronic waste. Waste circuit boards enter the recycling equipment for metal separation. After crushing, crushing, classification, separation, and dust removal, metal powder and resin powder can be separated.

The whole process adopts the excellent technology of physical crushing and separation. There are sound-proof materials inside the crusher to reduce noise. The self-developed three-in-one dust collector is used for dust collection without dust pollution. The metal separator is separated by a high-voltage electrostatic separator, and the metal recovery rate and purity are as high as 99%, which greatly improves the economic benefits of users and creates wealth for the enterprise.

The circuit board metal separation equipment adopts advanced mechanical crushing and high-voltage electrostatic separation to ensure the purity of metal and non-metal after separation. Moreover, the equipment has a high degree of automation, which saves labor and costs for the enterprise. The comprehensive performance of the circuit board metal separation equipment is good, and it has a unique effect on computer boards, computer boards, TV boards and other circuit control boards, and it is also compatible with the recycling of various circuit boards containing capacitors.

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