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Circuit board recycling equipment | waste circuit board separator

Now it is a PC consumer country all over the world. With the rapid development of information technology, a large number of waste computers are produced every year. As everyone knows, these old computers are also a treasure. The CPU, hard disk, and motherboard of old computers contain gold, silver, and copper. , aluminum and other precious metals, and the components such as copper and plastic in computer casings, keyboards and mice can also be reused after processing.

Production Process

Let’s talk about the central processing unit first, which is what we usually call the CPU. It contains high-purity simple silicon and gold. The yellow thing on the CPU is gold, because usually this part is the place where it contacts the motherboard, so it must not be careless. High-purity silicon is mainly its matrix. According to reports, relatively light metals such as silicon and aluminum can be made into paving materials.

The hard disk mainly consists of a shell (the main component is aluminum alloy), a circuit board (the gold content is very good), a platter (platinum, palladium, rhodium, gold, silver, cobalt, ruthenium on the hard disk platter), a magnet (the hard disk is valuable things), magnetic heads (with gold and iridium on them), drive motors, and some gold-containing plug-ins and interfaces. The platter of the hard disk is a bright, clean, and delicate disc. It feels like a good thing. The main material of the platter base is aluminum. There are gold, silver, cobalt, ruthenium and other elements in the aluminum base. A layer of platinum, palladium and rhodium is plated. Some European and American hard drives contain relatively high rhodium content. All types of computer circuit boards contain gold, but the amount is different. Relatively speaking, there is more silver. However, some hard disk platters are made of glass, and such glass platters are worthless. The main board is different from other ordinary circuit boards, its structure is quite complicated, generally 6-8 layers of circuit boards, so the board itself is rich in precious metals such as copper, silver, gold, palladium, etc., due to the complex structure and high power consumption, it is installed High-end heat sinks are generally aluminum or copper, and are also very valuable.

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