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Circuit board dismantling equipment production line

Circuit board dismantling equipment production line Our company has recently developed a new generation of automatic dismantling machine for PCB components. This equipment has a high degree of automation and replaces personnel dismantling. The land area is small.

circuit board recycling and processing production line

The automatic circuit board disassembly machine is used to disassemble electronic components from waste circuit boards, because different components contain different metals, some components contain precious metals such as gold and silver, and some components contain toxic substances. Some components can be directly sorted and sold, and the dismantled template is also easier to break and sort the copper in it, which also greatly reduces the work of the crushing and sorting section, and improves the reuse rate of precious metals.

Using electric heating or liquefied gas heating, open the internal temperature to 120 ° C, the tin will melt, and the electronic components will fall off the circuit board with the operation of the host. The machine has the advantages of automation, high processing efficiency, low operating cost, small footprint, simple operation, and no dust pollution. The treated substrate can recover copper and other metals by physical methods, and the electronic components can be recycled and reused by environmental protection and harmless classification. This machine is an ideal circuit board electronic component disassembly equipment.

3. Explanation of the circuit board disassembly process flow:

1. Circuit board dismantling machine: two types of electric heating liquefied gas are used to heat, and the internal temperature is controlled at about 150 ℃ to loosen the tin on the circuit board. Friction with the cylinder wall, the electronic components fall off with the operation of the host.

2. Smoke dust hood: A hood for collecting smoke and odor is added on the dismantling machine, which is convenient for collecting smoke and odor, so as to meet environmental protection standards.

3. Water spray tower: spray and purify the smoke and dust particles passing through the induced draft fan.

4. Activated carbon adsorption box: adsorb and deodorize the flue gas purified by water spraying.

5. Plasma purifier: The flue gas after being purified by the activated carbon adsorption box is decolorized, so that the environmental protection index can be achieved.

6. Induced fan: collect and discharge the filtered gas.

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