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Circuit board crushing and recycling machine

Electronic circuit board separators are circuit board separators, circuit board separators, and electronic waste treatment equipment. They are circuit boards that exist in home appliances such as TVs and computers. Precious and rare metals.

Huaxian Longtai Environmental Protection Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. can provide a complete set of electronic circuit board separation equipment, without complex processes and useless cumbersome equipment, it can completely separate the copper-containing light board after the dismantling of waste household appliances and the circuit board scraps of the electronic factory. There is no dust pollution in the whole separation process, almost all metal copper of separation purity is recovered, the separation cost is quite low, and the equipment investment is not high.

Production Process

2. Working principle

Circuit board dismantling, dismantling and sorting equipment, the main process is: dismantling electronic components – primary crushing – secondary crushing and dissociation – iron removal – dust collection system – electrical separation into gold comfortable aggregates and crushed resin powder, the metal purification rate is high reached more than 99.9%. The complete set of equipment is completely dry-type decomposition and separation, using a sealed dust collection system, which will not cause pollution to the environment, and can customize large, medium and small decomposition and separation equipment for customers.

3. Equipment Features

The biggest advantage of this equipment is environmental protection, no fire, no chemicals, complete mechanical and physical separation. At the same time, it can separate copper-plastic composite materials and wires and cables, such as the separation of multi-strand small square copper wires and plastics. The size of the output can be customized according to customer requirements.

The characteristics of Longtai circuit board electrostatic separation equipment include:

1. The circuit board electrostatic separation equipment adopts advanced new technology of mechanical crushing and high-voltage electrostatic separation. After crushing and dissociation, the metal and non-metal objects are sorted with high purity;

2. The key technology is to organically combine the special crushing and dissociation equipment for various waste circuit boards, so as to achieve a large energy-saving effect in the production process, and achieve a high metal separation rate;

3. The circuit board electrostatic separation equipment has good comprehensive performance and has a unique effect on computer boards, computer boards, TV boards and other circuit control boards. The same is true for the recycling of various circuit boards containing capacitors


4. This production line is an upgraded product of wind-selection type. Compared with wind-selection type, it consumes less electricity, has no noise, has less manual work, has high automation procedures, improves efficiency, and occupies a smaller area. It is a waste electricity (line) circuit. Board recycling to the current ideal production line

5. The electrostatic separation equipment of the circuit board has less labor, no pollution, no noise, and the equipment placement is flexible.

4. Applicable materials and material pictures

The circuit board recycling equipment produced by our company can decompose and separate all kinds of waste circuit boards, circuit boards, circuit board scraps, circuit board drilling powder containing metal, circuit boards disassembled from waste household appliances, computer boards, TV boards, Mobile phone boards, copper clad laminates, printed circuit boards and electronic waste containing metals, etc.

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