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World Scrap Trade Demonstrated Mixed Trend in January

The government trade statistics published by various countries suggest mixed trend in scrap imports and exports trade during the opening month of the current year.

The Russian scrap exports totaled nearly 237,000 tons in January. The monthly exports recorded drastic decline by 30.4% over the previous year. The largest export destination was Belarus, which received around 85,000 tons of scrap from Russia. The country accounted for almost 36% of the total scrap exports by Russia during the month. The Russian scrap exports to Belarus reported a decline of 6.2% when compared with January 2018.

Singapore exported nearly 56,000 tons of scrap in January, dropping significantly by 25.4% compared to the same month last year. The top destination for Singaporean scrap exports was Indonesia. The exports to that country totaled around 15,000 tons, accounting for almost 26.7% of the total exports by Singapore. It marked a year-on-year decline by 48.4%.

Meantime, Turkish scrap imports dropped considerably by 26.4% compared to the same month a year before to total nearly 1.24 million tons. The largest source of import was the U.S. Turkey imported around 214,000 tons of scrap from the U.S. The imports were down by 45% from the previous year.

The U.S. scrap exports witnessed almost 12% decline year-on-year to total nearly 99,000 tons in January 2019. The primary importers were Turkey (156,000 tons), Canada (137,000 tons) and Taiwan (104,000 tons).

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