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Working principle of the pulse dust collector

In fewer and fewer resources, pollution is more and more serious today, the environmental protection consciousness of people is growing, gradually began to pay attention to the resources recycling and protecting the environment. Such as aluminium, copper and plastic scrap, plastic mold, rubber and plastic products, such as the separation of recycling, in order to prevent pollution in the process of recycling, pulse dust collector is one of the most widely used kind of dust removal equipment.
Pulse filter, cartridge filter bag, according to the flow direction can be divided into the side and below. At work, gas containing dust from the device into the below, and one part of dense dust, under the influence of gravity, down; After entering the baghouse dust density is small, by inertia, collision and screen on the surface of the filter bag filter, interception and static electricity, the settlement of dust on the surface of the filter bag dust layer and formation. After purification, the net gas into the air chamber, be fan exhaust through the exhaust pipe.
For pulse dust collector for more recycling scrap cable wire recycling machine, PCB recycling machine, etc., for all types of recycling electronic waste provides the key role of dust removal in the process.

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