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Working Principle of Circuit Board Recycling Equipment

The rapid development of the electronic industry in the world today has also caused more electronic products to be upgraded. Therefore, a large amount of electronic waste has been generated, which not only causes the loss and waste of resources, but also seriously affects people’s living environment and quality of life. After continuous exploration, sorting, recycling and reuse is a good way to protect the environment and generate economic benefits. The board sorting and recycling equipment was also born.

The electrical components on the circuit board and various precious metals are the value, but how to disassemble the electrical components is a problem, so the circuit board dismantling machine was born, it can disassemble various electrical components on the circuit board, great reduced labor costs. Therefore, people discovered a waste circuit board recycling production line, which is composed of a series of machine work: the waste circuit board enters the circuit board dismantling machine and disassembles the electrical components, and the remaining materials become metal after three consecutive stages of crushing. And a mixture of resin fiber powder, and then the copper powder and the resin powder are separated by a gas flow and an electrostatic separator. Dust removal is performed before passing through the airflow and electrostatic separator. Circuit board recycling equipment is mainly suitable for circuit boards, copper clad boards, circuit boards and other trims.

Suny Group is a company specializing in manufacturing waste circuit board recycling equipment. It has mature technology and excellent product quality in the production line of circuit board recycling. There are different circuit board recycling equipment for customers to choose. Our company’s waste circuit board recycling equipment has the following advantages: 1. Good performance and low noise. 2. The amount of processing is large. 3. The sorting accuracy is extremely high. 4. The complete production line adopts PLC control. 5. Equipment is environmentally friendly and non-polluting. If you have any needs or problems, please come to the factory for inspection or consultation.

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