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Wide Application of Aluminum-plastic Separation and Recycling Equipment

There are too many aluminum foils inside the food packaging bags. However, aluminum plastic packaging bags and aluminum-plastic composites can be recycled. For such aluminum-plastic raw materials, we still exist in our lives. There are still many places, such as: medicine board, Wahaha bottle seal and Tetra Pak, as well as toothpaste and even the packaging factory’s scraps are numerous, these resources can not see their price, but all together we will see The value should be, in order to make us no longer waste resources, we have developed and researched aluminum-plastic separation and recycling equipment, which has high production efficiency, large output and high separation rate. The most prominent feature is environmental protection, without any pollution and harm. . The aluminum-plastic separation and recycling equipment adopts automatic mechanical separation, and the whole production line adopts physical recovery, which will not cause any secondary pollution.
The characteristics of the aluminum-plastic separation and recycling equipment are as follows:
(1) Compared with similar mills, the output is greatly improved under the same power (increased production by 20%-50%), saving energy consumption;
(2) The dust collecting device is added to effectively reduce dust pollution;
(3) The design of the main fan discharge reduces the labor intensity of the operator;
(4) The main door can be opened for easy maintenance and tool replacement;
(5) It adopts double cooling of feng shui, which better reduces the working temperature in the machine body. The material developed is not easy to be denatured, and it is also beneficial to the grinding of heat sensitive plastics. Some PE and ABS can be ground.

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