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Why Do We Need to Recycle Copper?

Copper is a malleable and ductile metallic element that is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity as well as being corrosion resistant and antimicrobial. With the fast development of modern industry, there is a large need of copper as the raw industrial material.

Copper can be used in specialized applications by alloying with other metals, such as zinc (to form brass), aluminum or tin (to form bronzes). Copper is third after iron and aluminum and has grown steadily in line with the evolution of copper production. The world refined use in 2008 was 18 million tones. Growth in refined copper use has been especially strong in Asia, where demand has expanded more than fivefold in less than 30 years.
Copper also plays an extremely important role in worldwide information and communication technologies. For example, copper cables and telephone lines can be used in low and high speed data communication. What’s more, copper and copper alloy products are used in wide and local area networks, mobile phones and personal computers. Copper is also used in other electronic equipment such as copper heat sinks, wires, transformers, connectors and switches.
However, the natural mineral resources on the earth is not unlimited, so it’s necessary and vital for human being to learn how to get copper from the waste copper wires , copper cables and other various household waste wires. That’s to say, recycling copper is a good way to help us realize a sustainable development.

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