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Which Raw Material Could Be Disposed By PCB Recycling Machine

Comprehensive performance of Our PCB recycling machine is good,the equipment is applicable to recycle mother boards of PC,waste circuit boards from mouse, telephone and TV, trimming of copper clad laminate (CCL) etc. all kinds of waste printed circuit board ,cellphone board,printed circuit board,computer board,TV board,and aluminum-plastic panels,copper -coasted plates,processing waste ,and used electric appliance.

Because of the special physical characteristics of E-waste circuit boards, our equipment are adopt the dry-type grinding and separating technique to recycle and reuse. The printed circuit boards will be separated into metal powder and resin fiber powder. First, the waste circuit boards will be crushed into small pieces, then will be grinded into the powder mixture of metal and resin fiber.

The mixture will be completely separated via pulse air flow separation to get 97% mixed metal powder, Finally, the rest mixture powder will go into the high voltage electrostatic separator, the purity can be up to 99.9%, and the impulse dust catcher is approached to efficiently prevent the dust pollution.

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