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What’s The Raw Materials of Copper Wire Granulator?

Copper wire granulator is also called the copper wire recycling machine, the whole process to avoid the burning method of copper bad for the environment, to achieve the recycling of plastic and copper.
Raw materials of copper wire granulator?
For miscellaneous line scrap, scrap copper wire, fine wool, copper plastic composite wire, aluminum wire, sheathed wire, through the proportion of coarse and fine crushing, in addition to iron, separation, electrostatic separation process, completely dry physical separation, make the metal recovery rate is close to 100%, achieved basically no copper, copper in plastic in the plastic.
We directly put waste copper wire in to copper wire recycling machine ,waste copper wire and used cale is cut into granules, Then granules are sent to vibration device for separation ,through wind and vibration ,the copper and plastic are separated, we can collect pyre copper and plastic ,the separated rate can reach 99.9%

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