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What should we process waste Aluminum-plastic?

Aluminum plastic separating machine is a high efficiency energy-saving product which is developed by our factory based on absorbing separation technology at home and abroad. With years of experimentation and theoretical analysis, this machine can reach the best separation effect. The ratio of impurities after separation will be less than 1%, the separation efficiency is up to 99%.
Aluminum plastic separating machine Features:
1.) With this waste aluminum plastic separation machine(separator), the aluminum and plastic can be completely separated for comprehensive utilization and to achieve a higher economic benefit without dust and secondary pollution.
2.) The aluminum and plastic separation and recycling can be completed under multi computer controlled one-time batch-feeding for crushing and automotive conveying, sound insulation technology and cooling system.
3. )The aluminum plastic separation machine is characterized by little noise, great output and high innovation. After separation, the original quality of copper remains and plastic is recovered to produce great economic benefit.
4). This aluminum plastic separation machine (separator) uses high pressure electrostatic separation technology to achieve a higher metal recovery (above 98%).

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