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What Kind of Waste Wire can be Handled by Copper Cable Recycle Machine

As the copper cable recycle machine is gradually put into the market operation, its environmental protection function has been sought after by people, so the market share has become higher and higher in recent years. The structure of Zhengyang copper cable recycle machine is reasonable, so as to be installed and debugged. It is specially processed for automobile wire, waste miscellaneous wire, square wire, capillary wire, earphone wire, communication cable wire and other various cable and wire stripping machine. The various thick and thin cable wires are pulverized and crushed, and then subjected to air separation and specific gravity sorting.
The copper cable recycle machine has the characteristics of low noise, large output, copper rice machine and strong innovation. The cable handled by the machine can maintain the quality of the original copper and recycle plastic. The copper cable recycle machine is suitable for processing communication optical cable, wool thin wire and various waste materials and wires which are not suitable for processing. The advantage of this machine is that the large and small lines can be crushed at the same time without separate washing, no need to wash, the separation rate of copper and plastic reaches 98%, no dust and no dyeing, the whole structure of the equipment is easy to transport, installation and debugging, good coordination, high output, the machine The successful design customization has improved the defects of non-manufacturable fine filaments, solved the environmental pollution caused by incineration of copper, and raised the quality of recycled copper, and recycled plastics for comprehensive utilization.

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