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What is the working principle of waste circuit board recycling equipment?

E-waste usually contains a large amount of toxic substances such as lead, chromium, mercury, etc., which causes great pollution and widespread harm. Improper disposal will not only cause waste of resources, but also cause great environmental pollution and even directly threaten human health. After professional recycling, through the specialized disposal of waste circuit board recycling equipment such as “crushing-dismantling-sorting”, renewable resources such as copper, aluminum, plastic, and rare precious metals can be sorted out with great economic value.

The method of recycling and reuse of circuit boards is physical crushing and no secondary pollution, which solves the problem of electronic waste not only reducing environmental pollution but also creating economic benefits. Now we make a detailed introduction to the process of waste circuit board recycling equipment production line.

The waste circuit board recovery equipment uses a double-shaft shredder for the first breaker, a hammer-type shredder for the second breaker, and a high-speed turbine-type shredder for the third breaker. The material is pulverized into powder by three-stage crushing, and then sorted by air flow sorting equipment and electrostatic sorting equipment.

The production line of the waste circuit board recycling equipment has a novel and unique structure; large production capacity and low power consumption; one-time feeding and multi-machine collaboration complete; the entire production line is controlled by PLC. The efficiency of the pulse dust removal equipment set in the waste circuit board recycling equipment is as high as 99.9%. The high-voltage electrostatic separator makes the separation of metals and resins and other non-metals more precise and reasonable, not only effectively controlling the loss of non-ferrous metals, but also making reasonable use of non-metals, and the separation rate of metals is as high as 99% or more.

Bridges and guardrails are provided in the complete production line of waste circuit board recovery equipment, which facilitates maintenance personnel to monitor and maintain the equipment in real time. The waste crushing equipment is equipped with a hydraulic system to facilitate replacement of wearing parts and improve work efficiency.

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