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What is it better to recycle copper?

With the ever-increasing conscious of environment protection, resource saving and recycling is becoming a hot topic these days. Recycling of metal of course is a prior one. Copper as one of the most popular used and especially valuable metal, its recycling is becoming more and more necessary and important. For copper scrap collectors, knowing the factors influencing copper scrap is necessary.
For copper scrap, it’s generated from many different kinds of copper products. Of course the value of them may be different. But mostly it’s common in copper wire and copper cable. And for this kind of copper product, copper is coated by plastic cover, which will make copper inside protected without damage, which can keep the activity and value of the raw copper, thus to acquire good price in the market.
As for the specific copper price, it’s different in different market, so it requires you to pay more attention to the economic situation, politics, mine strikes, weather, and speculation in your local market. We all know that China’s construction boom has shown an instable need for copper and other base metal. So it is an especially factor you need to follow. Also the ever-happened strikes by workers at the Codelco mines in Chile, the largest underground copper mines in the world, have reduced output from a major source of copper. Besides, Chile’s copper mines depend heavily on hydroelectric power, and unless rains come soon, there may be power shortages as South America heads into winter.
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