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What is aluminum-plastic separation and recycling equipment

What is aluminum-plastic separation equipment? Simply put, it is a device that separates and recycles aluminum and plastic after some treatment processes. Is an emerging device in recent years.

Unlike waste wires, cables, and circuit boards, the metal can be recovered by traditional methods such as incineration and chemical treatment. The melting point of aluminum is relatively low. The incineration method can easily change aluminum from a solid to a liquid, which is inconvenient for separation from plastics, and generates more pollutant gases during combustion.

aluminum-plastic separation equipment

aluminum-plastic separation equipment

The new environmentally friendly aluminum-plastic separation and recycling equipment designed and manufactured by SUNY GROUP uses physical methods to separate and use two crushings. The three-stage grinding powder will remove waste from the pharmaceutical factories, aluminum-plastic plate factories, food and beverage factories, and other aluminum foil packaging industries. Raw materials such as flexible packaging bags, capsule boards, and toothpaste skin in the waste station are broken into small granular mixtures. According to the customer’s requirements, the mixture with the required particle size is separated by the rotary sieve. If it fails, the milling continues until it meets the customer’s requirements.

The sieved particle mixture separates aluminum and plastic through an electrostatic separator. In order to obtain high purity aluminum and plastic particles, two-roller, three-roller, six-roller and multi-roller parallel electrostatic separators can be selected. Of course, the price will be a bit higher, after all, it’s a price and a price.

The air pollutants in the treatment process pass through the pulse bag type dust removal device, and the gases discharged into the atmosphere are clean gases.

The recycled aluminum particles are also used for many purposes. They can be used in powder coatings, paints, printing, imitation gold paper, imitation gold cards, gold films, imitation fabrics, but they will oxidize and blacken when used in water-based paints and paints with acid and alkali. The processed aluminum powder can be used to identify fingerprints, and can also be used as fireworks.

As a professional environmental protection equipment manufacturer, SUNY GROUP is highly praised and trusted by customers for its high quality and low price. If you need it, please feel free to contact us for consultation.

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