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What Are The Features of The Aluminum Plastic Separation Machine

With the rapid development of modern industrial technology, the technology and products with each passing day, more and more aluminum products has been widely used in people’s life in various fields. Aluminum plastic separation machine is the ideal material for aluminium recycling equipment, approved by the masses of users, but also related to the environmental protection agency recommended a kind of security and stability of equipment.

Aluminum Plastic

1.Aluminum plastic separation machine adopts a new type of metal and nonmetal high-voltage electrostatic separation technology, and equipped with high efficient dust removal system, ensure the whole production process, no dust pollution.
2.Aluminum plastic separation machine can be used for the separation of various aluminum-plastic plate, waste aluminum-plastic decorative materials, aluminum-plastic plate under the Angle of the plate material, medicine, toothpaste, capsule board bag and other composite hard material. Can completely separate the aluminum and plastic, and achieve the comprehensive utilization, has high economic benefit.
3.Aluminum plastic separation machine made a great contribution for the environmental protection enterprise, hope in the future we can create more successful environmental protection equipment, better service for our environment.

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    please send me the details and qutation of the seperation machine and also you new Aluminum and Plastic Separation (Medical Blister)_ Organic Solvent qutation

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