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What Are The Benefits to Recycling Electronic Waste?

E-waste is growing rapidly and its rapid increase can be a severe loss of mankind. It contains different harmful chemicals as it is primarily composed of precious metals like aluminum, copper, silver, gold, palladium, plastics and other ferrous metals. Metals are found the most harmful materials in e-waste, which produce dangerous fumes when disposed of. These fumes are proved harmful for health, agricultural purposes and marine life. Moreover other toxic materials like lead, cadmium, mercury and chemical flame retardants can easily leach into our soil and water making it infertile.

What Are The Benefits to Recycling Electronic Waste?

● Conserves natural resources
Natural resources are conserved in a way that valuable materials are being recovered by recycling. They reduce the pollution and make the non-usable products usable thus saving resources by extracting fewer raw materials from earth. The recycling process make usable thing out of waste which saves energy.

● Creates new vacancies
As a new industry is required for e-waste dismantling and recycling. This makes space for recycling and refurbishing professionals. This creates new jobs and makes the whole economy and market grow.

● Saves landfill space
E-waste is increasing day by day. With the increasing population, it would keep increasing. Recycling helps saving space by recycling the e-waste. Moreover, in case if e-waste would not have been recycled then the increasing disposal would certainly demand more space to be placed off.
● Improves economy
Overall economy of a country is improved as instead of making new products, old materials are being recycled and used. Some of the recycled materials such as gold and platinum are expensive metals. Their reusability makes less money to be spent as old disposal is being recycled.

● Protects environment and surroundings
Our atmosphere gets severely disturbed and affected by toxic materials’ disposal. Life threatening conditions could be produced if this e-waste would not have been recycled. Moreover it would also affect cultivation and agriculture as it could make a part of land barren. If disposed of in water, it could render water poisonous thus not leaving it drinkable and useable.

● It contributes to energy efficiency
The energy required to recycle e-waste is definitely less than that required to produce mineral resources. Like aluminum takes about 95 percent less energy as compared to that required to produce it. Similarly steel recycling save 60 percent of energy and glass recycling saves 60 percent of energy. An estimates shows that e-waste recycling results in 660 trillion BTUs saving per year. This is equivalent to six million homes’ energy consumption.

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Above are mentioned some of the e-waste recycling benefits. It causes many direct and indirect benefits. Most importantly, it results in less dependence on oil reserves and less greenhouse gas emission that contributes towards reducing global warming. We provide high quality electronic waste recycling machine help make you built your own e-waste recycling plant simple.

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