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Waste PCB Recycling Machine also Brings Considerable Economic Benefits

PCB boards, also known as printed circuit boards, are the providers of electrical connections for electronic components. It is a substrate for assembling electronic components, and is a printed board on which a point-to-point connection and a printed component are formed on a general-purpose substrate in a predetermined design. Its development has been more than 100 years old; the design is mainly layout design; the main advantage of using the circuit board is to greatly reduce the wiring and assembly errors, improve the automation level and production labor rate. According to the number of circuit boards, it can be divided into single-panel, double-panel, four-layer, six-layer and other multi-layer boards.

The PCB industry is a basic industry for the manufacture of electronic information products. By grasping the new round of development opportunities in the global electronic information industry, we will focus on the core of industrial restructuring and vigorously promote independent innovation to achieve the steady, sustainable development and transformation of China’s printed circuit industry. Realize industrial product structure and technology upgrade, form competitive mass production capacity in key products and fields; form complete high-end materials, equipment, instruments and service industry support through independent innovation; implement energy conservation, emission reduction and cleaning through reform of traditional technology Production and recycling economy realize the development of the printed circuit industry to low-carbon industries. Therefore, the use of pcb’s processing plays an important role, and it is also a difficult point to reflect the recycling of waste electrical and electronic products.

On the other hand, with the rapid development of science and technology, the number of electronic and electrical products eliminated has increased, and the circuit board is the main body of electronic and electrical products. It is also a difficult point in the recycling of waste electrical and electronic products, with a large amount of waste and recycling, high value, difficult to recycle and so on.

Therefore, the recycling process of discarded circuit boards has attracted the attention of many research institutions at home and abroad. Recycling of circuit boards in foreign countries pays more attention to the reuse of electronic components, and prolongs the service life of electronic components, thereby reducing the material requirements for the production of new components and the waste emissions caused by the production process, achieving resource and energy savings.

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