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Waste electronic products is worthy of “rich ore”

Discarded electronics, on the one hand, is considered a “rich ore”, the whole body is treasure, recycled or secondary circulation, can produce a larger value; On the one hand, is considered to be the source of pollution has a great influence on environment and human health.
Along with the increase in waste electronic products, outstanding environmental protection problems as well as the overall economic environment downward pressure increase, discarded electronic products must be disposed of properly as soon as possible. Again after a period of development, discarded electronic products recycling will become again?
Both appliances and digital products, represented by the smartphone has become indispensable to public life commodity. With the improvement of consumption level, electronic product price is reduced, the acceleration of update. So, is discarded electronic products was flooded. According to the latest data show that last year’s global produce 41.8 million tons of e-waste, refresh record. Among them, the United States with the largest 7 million tons; China with more than 600, ten thousand tons of second.
From a good hand, discarded electronic products is worthy of “diamond”. Only in the last year of electronic waste, can produce 300 tons of gold, equivalent to 11% of the global gold production in 2013. If recycling technology can reach a certain level, the recycling industry is in a certain size, will let the discarded electronic products into completely. Unfortunately, now the whole recycling industry is still at the stage in vulgar management, far cannot satisfy the market demand.
At the current situation, e-waste recycling project is a very good investment projects, the current various countries also encourage enterprises to recycle electronic waste, to reduce environmental burden, my company is a professional engaged in environmental protection equipment development and production of enterprises, can provide customers with electronic waste a full set of processing equipment, such as, Cable rire recycling machine, PCB recycling machine, precious metal recycling machine and so on, our equipment can reach no pollution emissions, welcome to come to consult.

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