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Aluminum-plastic recycling line

Aluminum-plastic recycling line

Aluminum-plastic recycling line is mainly used for all kinds of aluminum tubes, aluminum-plastic bottle caps, car ornaments,and other plastic products separation recycling.

Aluminum-plastic recycling line Process description:

Firstly, by hook the car send a lot of materials into crusher, repass secondary crushing and tertiary grinding powder decomposition, and then through the sieve after the decomposition of the finished material through six roller electric machine one-time separation, separation of plastic and metal.

Aluminum-plastic recycling line Craft diagram: 

Waste aluminum-plastic plate recycling production line1

Aluminum-plastic recycling line Features:

1. All the process is physical separation, without heating, burning, water and chemical, so it is environmental protection and no pollution.
2. The process low cost, high efficiency and separation rate can be reached 99.8%.
3. The production line is automatic, saving labor; just one or two person is enough for operating machine.
4. This production line is used widely.
5. Production line installation is convenient, has a variety of assembly method, can adapt to different venues.

Aluminum-plastic recycling line Parameters:

Model Capacity Power Weight
WAP-300 300kg/h 62kw 7500kg
WAP-500 500kg/h 98kw 12500kg
WAP-1000 1000kg/h 170kw 19500kg

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  1. Rishabh Panchamia says:

    separate laminate aluminum to ldpe material

  2. Hamid says:

    Dear Concerned,

    We want to inquire about medical waste recycling machine. Our raw material will be medical waste blister packing and we want to recycle it and want to separate pvc and aluminium through machine.

    Kindly send us full details of this machine with complete working video. We would like to ask quote for 300 kg per hour production CIF PRICE for Karachi Pakistan Port Qasim.
    We are waiting for your email.
    Thanking you.

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