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Topmost Brands Boost Efforts to Reduce Plastic Waste in Czech Republic

Major retailer brands in Czech Republic have joined the country’s efforts to reduce plastic waste. The initiative launched by the Czech Environment Ministry has been backed by major brands including Lidl, Starbucks, Costa Coffee and IKEA. In total, 13 brands have committed to either reduce or phase out the use of disposable plastic in their products starting next year.

Lidl supermarket chain aims to reduce the sales of plastic products through its stores by 20% by 2025. It has already decided to replace plastic straws and plates in its stores with recyclable alternatives by next year.

In line with its strategy to reduce plastic waste, IKEA has decided to put an end to sales of certain plastic products including straws and plates through its stores by 2020. Furthermore, in-store restaurants of IKEA will no longer serve plastic cutlery.

Costa Coffee too will replace plastic cups and straws with paper alternatives and use glassware for on-site consumption. Both Starbucks and Costa Coffee will incentivize customers for using their own multi-use cups at shop outlets.

Richard Brabec, Czech Environment Minister stated that the formulation of new laws on proposed legislation to curb plastic waste will be the focus of the Ministry over the coming months. The efforts to reduce landfill waste and boost recycling infrastructure would be given top priority, he said. Brabec thanked the new partners for joining the initiative and hoped that their efforts will lead to reduction in disposable plastics usage.

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