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The world’s largest “urban mining” recycling project

Mitsubishi materials metal business company announced on June 25, 2015, naoshima smelter will expand of precious metal Scrap recycling ability (e-scrap). Equipment after strengthening capacity will reach 110000 tons/year, more than it is now about 30000 tons/year. Mitsubishi materials, according to the plant will become “the world’s biggest” the precious metals waste treatment plants. Equipment to strengthen reservation completed in April 2016.
After the recovery of precious metal scrap of naoshima smelter, after weighing, inspection, sampling and modulation reagents, analysis process, for the processing of recycling. The mitsubishi materials will invest about 5 billion yen to strengthen these devices.
Precious metals waste concrete refers to the household appliances, computers, mobile phones and other electronic products, waste circuit board, which contains a lot of gold, silver, copper, palladium and other valuable metals, therefore also referred to as “urban mining”. Moreover, along with the people environmental protection consciousness constantly improve, home appliance recycling enhances unceasingly, discharge of waste precious metals is also growing.Through our precious metal recycling machine can get gold, silver, palladium, platinum.
Mitsubishi materials the next goal is to precious metals waste into a yield pillars of metallurgy business.

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