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The Value of Recycled The Car Radiator

Radiators are essential in cars, trucks and other automobiles. Radiators were also once an essential part of a home heating system. What do they have in common? Both are great candidates for recycling. They are made almost entirely with metal, which is a very easy product to recycle if you can get it to the right place. We have everything you need to know about recycling both types of radiators.

What is a car radiator?

Radiators have existed almost as long as the automobile itself. As the engine moves pistons and other parts to provide the car with power, quite a bit of friction is created. That friction gives off heat. Too much heat will cause the engine to seize or even stop functioning. The radiator pumps a mixture of water and antifreeze into the engine block to help it stay cool. When that coolant comes back out of the motor, it needs to be cooled off as well. As it travels through the radiator’s twists and bends, it slowly decreases in temperature. Once it is cool enough, it can be recirculated back into the engine. The radiator is typically positioned at the front of the car so the wind can help with the cooling process.

Radiators in older cars were likely made of brass or copper. In newer cars, radiators are typically constructed out of aluminum, which is lighter and less expensive. Radiators also have headers or tanks at each end to hold the coolant. These can be made of brass, aluminum or plastic.

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