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The Value of Copper Wire Recycling

Recycling is a good way to make full use of the limit natural resources on earth and improve environment. Metal recycling and salvage companies buy copper wire scrap and send it for re-refining or smelting. There is a market for recycled copper wire almost in every country. Recycling not only means less new material is needed for manufacturing but also implies less copper will be dumped into landfills.

Metal recycling is a synonym for saving raw materials and environmental protection. Nonferrous metals and precious metals are particularly suitable for recycling. The recycling of copper, sliver, gold and other nonferrous metals does not result in any quality loss of the metals and can be reused as often as required.

However, some of the old copper wires are covered in insulation which must be removed before the copper wire can be recycled.

The insulation can be safely removed by a mechanical process that cuts the insulation and strips it from the copper wire or by processing the insulated wire in an approved incinerator. Fortunately, the copper wire granulator can help you finish this task.

What’s more, do not accept burned copper wire before granulating. Salvage yard operators and metal recyclers should not accept copper wire where there are signs or suspicions that the copper wire insulation has been burned off. Purchasing or receiving burned copper wire may result in enforcement action or incurring liability if contaminations occur. It could be a violation of The Hazardous Substances and Waste Dangerous Goods Regulations if you store burned copper wire.

If you want to get a large quantity of copper granules in a low cost and make a contribution to the environmental protection, an excellent copper wire granulator is necessary and important.

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  1. Deb Pearl says:

    That’s really cool that around the world, there is a market for recycled copper wire in almost every country. I didn’t know that copper was that sought after to recycle. I guess since it is so soft you could use it over and over again. That’s super interesting! Thanks!

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