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The Superior Characteristics of PCB Recycling Plant

1. A new process of mechanical pulverization and high-voltage electrostatic separation using a circuit board pulverizer. After dissemble, pulverization, and dissociation, the separation of metal and non-metal materials is performed, and the purity is high;

2. The key technology is to combine the special pulverization and dissociation equipment of various waste circuit boards, achieve a large energy-saving effect in the production process, and achieve a high metal separation rate;

3. The circuit board recycling equipment handles the energy consumption per ton of waste circuit board, which is only about 3/5 of the domestic similar products; the single set of equipment has a high processing capacity of 1 ton per hour.

4. The price of circuit board recycling equipment is only 1/5-1/3 of the similar equipment at home and abroad, and the recovery rate of copper is 3%-5% higher than that of similar manufacturers.

5. Good overall performance, unique effects on computer boards, TV boards and other line control boards. The recycling of various circuit boards containing capacitor parts is also compatible.

6. Circuit board recycling equipment production line is an upgraded product of air-selective products. It consumes less power than air-selection type, and has no noise. It has low manual and high automation procedures, and has higher efficiency. At the same time, it has a smaller footprint and is a waste circuit board. Recycling of used circuit boards is currently the ideal production line.

7. Less labor, no pollution, no noise, flexible board placement equipment.

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