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The Significance of Recycling Used Circuit Boards

Waste circuit boards contain a large amount of valuable resources such as ordinary metals and precious metals, organic resins, and glass fibers. They have huge economic benefits for recycling. Because they contain a large amount of toxic and harmful substances, they can be directly landfilled or used without treatment. Improper process technology and equipment handling will cause serious harm to human health and the ecological environment. Therefore, scientific and effective recycling of discarded circuit boards is beneficial to human health and environmental protection.
The circuit board recycling equipment project will turn waste into treasure and turn harm into profit, which can better solve the problem of recycling and utilization of China’s waste household electrical appliances resources, and can alleviate the situation of China’s serious shortage of natural resources. It has both environmental and resource benefits, is in line with the national circular economy and sustainable development policies, and is an important measure for developing a circular economy and building a resource-saving society, and promoting the transformation and sustainable development of the national economic growth mode. This technology has a good promotion and demonstration role in the waste electronic circuit board recycling industry. On the one hand, it can improve the comprehensive level of recycling and utilization of China’s waste electronic circuit boards. On the other hand, it can export to the international market at low prices. Thereby promoting the technological progress of China’s renewable resource recycling industry and upgrading the level of recycled equipment to achieve leap-forward development of the industry.

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