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The Knowledge of Circuit Board Recycled

With the development of science and technology,the PCB(printed circuit board) is wildly used in many fields.At the same time,there are many waste PCB is produced.How to dispose the waste in a best way is a very important question to be salved.After a long exploration and improvement the new equipment is be designed.

Our PCB recycling machine is used to recycle all kinds of Printed Circuit boards, such as the computer boards, cell phone boards, TV boards and other household appliances.

Waste Circuit board(PCB) recycling machine (high voltage electrostatic separation type) adopts a process route that makes raw materials such as printed circuit boards to be a mixture of metal and resin fiber powder by dry crushing and pulverization and then separates the metals from the non-metal materials such as resin by high voltage electrostatic separator.

To avoid dust pollution in the process, the equipment also uses the three-in-one dust removal equipment independently developed by the company. This dust removal equipment has three-stage dust removal: cyclone dust removal, bag dust removal and dust removal by air cleaner. All of these effectively solve the problem of dust pollution with every index up to the national standard.

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