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The Important Role of Cable Recycling Equipment

With the rapid development of wires or cables recycling industry, the utilization level of scrap metals and plastic tailings get greatly improved. All these should be owned to the advanced cable recycling equipment.

In the basic processing of scrap cables, copper cable granulator is used to process auto electric wire, motorcycle electric, and computer wires, etc. The advantage of the copper granulator is that it can efficiently recycle both the copper scrap and plastic. The key point is ensuring the purity of copper granule, thus improving not only the value of copper granule but also the utilization level of plastic. Another advantage is not having strict requirements for scrap wires and having high efficiency compared with wire stripping machine.

We has been devoted itself to the research and design of copper recycling machines for many years. It can give you the most satisfying machine and the best quality service. All its copper cable granulator adopts PLC control system and double crushing process with high recycling rate of 99%.

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