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The Fastest Process of Aluminum-Plastic Separation

The Fastest Process of Aluminum-Plastic Separation,With the rapid development of medical technology, the pharmaceutical industry has also obtained fast progress. At the same time, there are innumerable medicine plates/blisters discarded by clinics, pharmaceutical factories and hospitals, excluding waste aluminum-plastic materials. As the value of aluminum is considerable, medicine blister recycling equipment, also called aluminum-plastic separator, came into being. Then, how does the medicine blister recycling equipment work to separate the aluminum and the plastic?

1. Physical Stripping. For some medical products, the aluminum foil and plastic are not closely adhesive, which can be stripped manually.

2. Heating Separation. Plastic melting temperature must be lower than aluminum, but it is possible to oxidize the aluminum foil because of heating.

3. Repeated Heating and Cooling. Based on the difference of the coefficient of thermal expansion between aluminum foil and plastic, the two will be separated by repeated heating and cooling.

Is it really effective to realize the high-purity separation of aluminum and plastic by using the above-mentioned three methods? Just by utilizing this process, does the medicine blister recycling equipment complete the separation of aluminum and plastic? Of course not. By utilizing the principle of dry separation, the medicine blisters are first crushed by the recycling equipment, and then after grinding, the medicine blisters are screened into suitable size, finally according to the different specific gravity, the plastic and aluminum will be separated by using the high voltage electrostatic separator.

Now, the medicine blister recycling equipment has become a new type of environmental protection machinery. By using this equipment, the aluminum and plastic can be fully separated and recycled for other applications, which will yield ?considerable?economic?benefits. Therefore, the development of medicine blister recycling equipment created another emerging and green investment opportunity.


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