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The environmental advantages of aluminum-plastic recycling machine

The global annual consumption of packing material number very much, has the very high proportion of aluminous model material, such as dairy products packaging bags, toothpaste, medicine, food packaging bags, etc., many of them are aluminum-plastic packaging products. These bags if don’t get regular processing, will cause serious environmental pollution.
aluminum-plastic materials
Aluminum-plastic recycling line is a device used for recycling aluminum-plastic materials. This equipment adopts high voltage electrostatic separator, good separation effect and no dust pollution in the whole production process.
Aluminum-plastic separation technology development later, but widely used, Played an important role to protect the environment. aluminum-plastic recycling machine can be used for a variety of aluminum-plastic plate, waste aluminum-plastic decorative materials, aluminous model board scraps, medicine plate, capsule, toothpaste bags and other composite hard material. Can completely separate the aluminum and plastic, and achieve the goal of comprehensive utilization. Has high economic benefit.
Aluminum-plastic recycling machine with low noise, large output, high separation rate etc. The equipment to reduce the secondary pollution, After the separation of aluminum and plastic can be used again, save the resources.

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