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The advantage of copper granulator machine

Copper granulator machine is also called the waste cable wire recycling machine, this equipment is smash all kinds of scrap wire and cable, separation recycling processing of copper particles. The earliest processing cable wire method is to adopt the way of burning, the way is not only a waste of resources, also cause environmental pollution, and burning after the color of the copper is not too good, price is not high also. Copper granulator machine can thoroughly separation cable and plastic. Copper granulator machine features as follows:
The advantage of copper granulator machine?
Copper granulator machine main advantage is the efficiency, the entire process, the scrap wire processing cycle is short, so every hour capacity is much, normally we company has 200kg – 1000kg/hour of scrap copper wire processing machine.
Copper granulator machine hydraulic equipment:
Copper granulator machine adopts high strength hydraulic device, grinding plate work pressure increased pressure on 5-20 tons, thereby enhancing the force of material grinding speed, greatly improving the fineness of the product and production, is the distinct advantage of the other equipment cannot be replaced.

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