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Tata Steel Unveils Innovative Steel Coils Warehouse Facility

Tata Steel has announced official opening of its new storage facility located at Ijmuiden in the Netherlands. The innovative, ultra-modern steel coils storage facility was unveiled on Wednesday, May 8. The fully sustainable facility houses modern features including air curtains to prevent heat loss, automated loading bays and energy-recovering cranes.

The new state-of-the-art storage facility has a total area of nearly 10,000 square meters and has a capacity to store 50,000 tonnes of steel coils. The facility is strategically located, near to company’s galvanizing lines. Apart from optimizing logistics processes, it will help the company in improving coil deliveries to customers.

The fully-automated storage facility is double the size of other Tata Steel storage facilities in Ijmuiden. The energy-neutral building is heated by the residual heat from the cooling water from the nearby hot strip mill. The ultra-modern cranes at the facility stores the energy generated while lowering a load, which is then used to lift the load. The facility is well-insulated and fully sustainable.

Hans van den Berg, director of Tata Steel in Ijmuiden noted that the new facility will help to organize the site processes more efficiently. Moreover, it will boost standards of customer service. The fully sustainable building complex is entirely made of steel and clad with its own steel panels, he said.

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