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Strong Innovation of Aluminum-plastic Separation Equipment

Aluminum-plastic composite material refers to a composite material of aluminum and plastic materials. The material and commodity have the characteristics of light weight, good wear resistance, good thermal stability, easy processing and forming, convenient use and high added value. It has become a necessity for people’s lives. Today, with the growing shortage of resources and increasing environmental awareness, aluminum-plastic separation equipment can effectively recycle aluminum and plastic from these wastes, which has become a difficult problem. The aluminum-plastic separating equipment is a process in which the aluminum-plastic composite board is coarsely crushed, iron-removed, and then broken into aluminum and scrap mixture into a fine crusher to be separated into aluminum and plastic by a high-voltage electrostatic sorting machine. It is not washed with water, so there is no problem of waste tobacco waste water pollution. The whole process has no dust pollution, complete dry physical mechanical decomposition and separation, and the metal recycling rate can reach more than 99%, achieving double rational utilization of aluminum and plastic.
The aluminum-plastic separation equipment has high degree of automation, requires less human resources, and can operate the entire production line in 1-2. The equipment has stable performance during operation, simple and convenient operation, easy maintenance and subsequent maintenance, and excellent design of aluminum-plastic separation equipment. The new physical separation technology, excellent equipment technology such as crusher and high-voltage electrostatic separator, and the resource-based processing route are fine and reasonable. The waste aluminum-plastic separator has the characteristics of low noise, large output and strong innovation. The aluminum-plastic waste aluminum such as aluminum-plastic composite board recovered by the aluminum-plastic separator can maintain the quality of the original aluminum, and can recycle the advantages of plastics, etc., and can generate large economic benefits. Machinery can also customize the equipment according to the customer’s needs. We also welcome customers to come to our factory to test the machine at any time, and finally customize the equipment to meet the customer’s requirements.

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